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ISTAT Online

ISTAT Online facilitates conversation and learning through a variety of digital experiences. Find inspiration and counsel when industry icons come together to discuss history and professional journeys during ISTAT Chats. Deep dive into educational topics within the commercial aviation industry during ISTAT Learning Labs. All ISTAT Online offerings are available to everyone, both live and on demand. 

ISTAT Learning Lab: Restructurings in a COVID-19 Environment

11 August 2020 | 10:00 New York | 15:00 Dublin | 22:00 Singapore

Featuring Dean Gerber, General Counsel, Orix Aviation

This session will consider default provisions, insolvency and bankruptcy regimes, reorganizations, liquidation and creditors' rights in the context of a COVID-19 environment. It will also assess recent court actions and legislative initiatives and their impact on enforcement of creditors’ rights, including Cape Town Convention implications.


ISTAT Learning Lab: Airline Liquidity Planning in Times of Crisis

25 August 2020 | 10:00 New York | 15:00 Dublin | 22:00 Singapore

Featuring Christine Rovelli, Vice President Group Treasurer, Finnair

Discover best practices for managing working capital when liquidity is scarce, fixed costs are high and revenue is low. We'll discuss prioritizing cash outflows and sourcing inflows, managing creditors and other counterparties, assessment, stabilization, and repair of capital structure.



2 September 2020 | 11:00 New York | 16:00 Dublin | 23:00 Singapore

Featuring Featuring Pam Hendry, Vice President and Treasurer, United Airlines and Shani Smith Fisher, Business Attorney, Fisher Legal P.C. and Counsel, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

Over the past five months, many, if not all, of our professional lives have changed dramatically – some of us have been asked to take on different responsibilities; some of us have been told that our positions will be eliminated; and some of us have asked ourselves if we want to continue in our current roles. While the scope and volume of COVID-driven changes are unprecedented -- and often overwhelming -- for many of our industry colleagues, change should also be viewed as an inevitable (and sometimes even welcome) part of a person’s career path. Drawing on their own experiences of professional changes and transitions, Shani Fisher and Pam Hendry will discuss how to prepare for, and thrive in the midst of, professional, personal and industry change.


Past Sessions

Below, you will find all previously aired ISTAT Chats and ISTAT Learning Labs for on demand viewing. 

ISTAT "Cooking" Chats

Featuring Christine Rovelli, Vice President Group Treasurer, Finnair and Bryson Monteleone, Senior Advisor, Aviation Finance Advisory Services, PwC Ireland

You might know that Christine Rovelli is Treasurer at Finnair, what you probably didn't know is that she is also a recognized test-kitchen cook! We thought it best to put her skills to the test and take this ISTAT Chats to the stovetop. Join two Italian (American) industry veterans Christine Rovelli and Bryson Monteleone, Chair of the ISTAT Appraisers Program, as they celebrate their Italian heritage. Follow along (download the recipe here) as they cook-up some risotto while sharing stories and advice, most of which will be aviation related, and even more of which will probably involve some wine!

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Featuring Neil Cloughley, Managing Director, Faradair Aerospace Limited and Michael Weiss, ISTAT Board Member

ISTAT Chats is pleased to present a Chat between Neil Cloughley, Managing Director of Faradair Aerospace Limited and Michael Weiss, ISTAT Board Member. Faradair is a pioneer of hybrid electric aircraft and shares his views on the market, the benefits that this aircraft type can bring in an ever conscious environmental world and the opportunities that exist for an aircraft of this type post COVID-19.

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ISTAT Learning Lab: Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Aircraft Manufacturers

Featuring Kostya Zolotusky, Managing Partner, iFLI

This session looks at how existing backlogs, production rates, current products, product strategies and new aircraft pricing are going to be impacted by the COVID pandemic.

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ISTAT Learning Lab: Aviation Pathology & Treatment: Diagnosis of a Vicious Cycle

Featuring Nils Hallerstrom, Former President, PK AirFinance

Take a deeper look into various scenarios for how the COVID-19 cycle could impact traffic growth, the impact on airlines and aircraft values by comparing to previous cycles and why the cycle will eventually recover.

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ISTAT Learning Lab: Appraising Aircraft in Challenging Markets

Featuring Bryson Monteleone, Senior Advisor, Aviation Finance Advisory Services, PwC Ireland

Take a closer look at aircraft value concepts, market price discovery, comparables, discounted cash flow analysis, price transparency, availability of price data, data pool and transparency – all with a focus on the implications of the current crisis on long-term values.

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Featuring Pete Seidlitz, President, Bristol Associates and Gerry Laderman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, United Airlines

Pete and Gerry have been shaping aircraft trading, finance, and investment for over three decades. Both have navigated our industry’s toughest downturns and every time came out on the other end in a stronger position and with better stories. In fact, Pete has built Bristol Associates with emphasis on the toughest markets, difficult aircraft and of course the more challenging customers. Why do easy deals when there are hard ones, seems to be Bristol’s motto. Gerry, on the other hand, does not necessarily seek out difficulties, but he does seem to solve many of them. Facing now the greatest financial crisis in aviation history, Gerry is using the knowledge he has built through prior restructurings and financial rebuilding efforts to help steer United Airlines through these challenging times. Watch a conversation with these two colorful industry wizards as they reflect on their past adventures, current challenges and how they see our future.

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ISTAT Learning Lab: The Post-COVID Airline Landscape

Featuring Dick Forsberg, External Senior Advisor, PwC

Gain a better understanding of what the airline landscape might look like after COVID-19 during this in-depth look into the future.

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Peter Barrett, CEO, SMBC Aviation Capital and Conor McCarthy, Founder & CEO of PlaneConsult and Dublin Aerospace

Peter and Conor have known each other for 20 years, having first met when Peter was COO at RBS Aviation Capital. They have worked together on many projects and remained firm friends since then. They are both recognized as leaders in the aviation sector and provide insights into the aviation industry, running globally competitive businesses and how commercial aviation has developed over the past 30 years, through to the critical issues that are currently faced by airlines, leasing companies and manufacturers. 

Interested in the trivia questions from this session? Click here.

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